Falling into the Abyss

Everything has shifted since you’ve been gone; pigmented hues become lost to the achromatic colourless shades of grey. Things are slowly disintegrating, fading into the background, a low static radiating in the distance. The city has burned down into nothingness; the plants are dying, and the sun has stopped rising. Darkness has consumed all vitality left remaining, including myself.

Clouded shadows have settled in the morning light; it is not different from yesterday or the months before. I am beginning to cope with this void once again – I am learning how I have lost you—letting it settle into my mind every waking moment of each day. I must have known that this was coming. From the moment, you hesitated to touch me as if our souls were not tangled up within one another, as if I was a stranger and undeserving of your love. Perhaps my confidence towards your devotion to me was nothing but a warped perception of a hopeless desire—a wild fantasy in this distorted buzzing head of mine. 

I’m slowly learning to live without you, and I can assure you that I will no longer plead for you to stay any longer than you wish, but I can’t promise that I will not crumble under the weight of your name. Or the way every twenty-seven bones in my hands are yearning to be held by yours for the very last time. I have loved you till the end until I was left on my hands and knees suffocating with your love gripping at my throat. This love is getting too difficult to bear, and I don’t know where to lay it at rest. It seems to have festered into another lively creature beating inside of me, and I can’t get you out of my flesh. The memory of you runs deep into my veins as much as the blood pumping inside of me. Your absence has created anguish within me, and I have been grieving for the death of our souls ever since. I’m slowly disappearing into this madness, but I need you to remember me. Will you promise to remember me?





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