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  • Misery at Bay

    Misery at Bay

    Perhaps it is my overwhelming desire for belonging that helped me build a home in you. Now, even to this day these drowsy bones draped in misery are still trying to reach for your hand.

  • The Ghost of You Haunts This Empty House

    The Ghost of You Haunts This Empty House

    This house is slowly collapsing on itself ever since you’ve been gone; life has been a whirlwind of lost time. The departure of you has created a void within me. I have realized that I’m more fragile than I once thought I was after you left me impairable by your destruction. I could never understand…

  • Sacred Love

    Sacred Love

    An encompassing cloak of loneliness  Falls over me A self inflicted suffering My mind is stuck reminiscing Hallucinations of us Time eludes me I hold you dearly in my mind  To keep this sacred love alive 

  • Homesick


    I am homesick for your ravenous touch upon my aching skin

  • The Taste of Honey

    The Taste of Honey

    They taste sweet like honey // But overtime a bittersweet aftertaste floods your mouth.

  • A Passing Thought

    A Passing Thought

    I can’t lie to the both of us But you still linger on my mind on sleepless nights.

  • Currents


    My frail body was never ready to dive Into the depths of you

  • Falling into the Abyss

    Falling into the Abyss

    Everything has shifted since you’ve been gone; pigmented hues become lost to the achromatic colourless shades of grey.

  • A Predestined Fate

    A Predestined Fate

    From the moment my eyes locked with yours, I could feel how visceral it would feel to lose you.

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