Peer Review #1 Friday’s with Frosty

At first glance, Kianna’s blog “Friday’s with Frosty’s” look very minimal and clean. I love that she personalized her blog with a featured brand logo that sums up the concept of her blog. Her tagline is “hot takes from a teenage diva,” is also very catchy and can tell the readers what her blog is about and who her audience is (likely young adults or people interested in pop culture).

Below her brand logo, she has pinned a disclaimer informing readers that her posts are not a reliable news source and are about her thoughts and opinions. She did a great job of clearing the air from the get-go from audiences who find opinionated statements as facts hard to discern.

Friday’s with Frosty’s visual aesthetic is quite simplistic, with a neutral palette of black and white apart from the brand logo. Having a simplistic format is not a bad thing and keeps the site from being neat and tidy. If I were to make a suggestion, I would think about adding more visual components since the only image is the brand logo.

Friday’s with Frosty seems to have found their voice and you can tell how distinctive it is when you read her pieces. Her writing is funny and relatable, and she adds personal memories/thoughts that only make her writing stronger. As a reader, I feel drawn to her writing as it feels like a breath of fresh air. For instance, in Miley Cyrus’s New Song: Rose or Thorn? post, she ends it off with, “I just hope Bruno doesn’t sue Miley for some kind of music plagiarism. Should she have included an APA style works cited section at the end of her song?”. This line was very humorous and relatable as I’m a young adult into pop culture and a student who uses APA citations.

Overall, I have nothing but positive things to say about Friday’s with Frosty blog, from the aesthetics and content writing! She has already embedded accessibility features and is super accommodating to her readers. It is easy to spot and easy to navigate the settings. She uses catchy titles that are very SEO friendly, but it can be elevated if she were to add more visual components to what she is writing about. Additionally, embedding videos/links would be beneficial for readers as well.

Friday with Frosty seems to have her blog nailed down and I can’t wait to see the direction is heading in the future!






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