Mini Assignment #2: Writing Tips with featured Guest: Clark Kent

This week Writing After Dusk proudly welcomes our first featured guest, Clark Kent! Clark Kent is an infamous journalist at the Daily Planet and has kindly shared his writing tips.

Tip #1: The most challenging part of being a writer is sitting down and doing the act of writing.  

Writing is daunting, but to be a proficient writer, you must dedicate yourself to the craft and write anything and everything, even if it’s trash. However, among the trash, you will eventually find something that will inspire you.

Tip #2: Get used to doubting yourself. 

As a writer, you will write garbage and nonsense 90% of the time, but as time progresses, you will learn to trust your creative abilities. The journey is never linear; you will write something that you might think is the best thing you have ever written, and the next day you might write the worst thing in your life.

Tip #3: Get used to rejection

Writing is subjective, and your style of writing is not for everyone. Learn to accept rejection and don’t take it personally as an attack on your creative abilities. The right people will come to you when the time is right.

Tip #4: Never stop reading.

Reading will help you get into a creative mindset when all else fails, and the ideas will slowly flow to you.

Tip #5: Be intentional. 

Be intentional and specific with what you want to convey in your writing. If you wish to explore the depths of emotion or a conflict/dilemma. Always dig deeper than the surface to produce the best quality writing





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