Mini Assignment #4: An Updated Version of “The Love Cook” by Ron Padgett By ChatGPT

The love cook is busy in the kitchen,
Stirring up something delicious and new,
Combining flavors that are tried and true,
And experimenting with ingredients too.

She adds a pinch of kindness, a dash of grace,
A sprinkle of laughter to lighten the space,
And stirs in patience and understanding,
To make sure that love is ever-expanding.

She adds a spoonful of forgiveness,
A cup of empathy and a handful of trust,
And mixes them well with care and intention,
To create a love that is pure and unpretentious.

She bakes it in the oven of time and devotion,
Watching it rise with each passing emotion,
And when it’s ready, she serves it with pride,
A love that’s nourishing, sweet, and dignified.

So if you’re looking for love that will endure,
Find yourself a love cook who’s honest and pure,
Who’ll mix you up a recipe that’s full of heart,
And serve you a love that will never fall apart.






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