Category: Peer Review

  • Peer Review #3 Thebaristababe

    First Impressions Diving into Kristie’s site Thebaristababe, you have a very strong impression of what her blog is about, from the visuals of her holding cups of coffee to her heading “Everything Coffee”. Kristie has a very clear menu interface with all her assignments organized from this class, and her content pieces are easy to navigate.…

  • Peer Review #2: Entering Sammyuniverse

    As Gertz (2015) suggests, “the cover gives us a hint about what’s inside, and teases out our emotion, begging us to read the rest”.

  • Peer Review #1 Friday’s with Frosty

    At first glance, Kianna’s blog “Friday’s with Frosty’s” look very minimal and clean. I love that she personalized her blog with a featured brand logo that sums up the concept of her blog. Her tagline is “hot takes from a teenage diva,” is also very catchy and can tell the readers what her blog is…

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