Author: Karen Tang

  • Misery at Bay

    Misery at Bay

    Perhaps it is my overwhelming desire for belonging that helped me build a home in you. Now, even to this day these drowsy bones draped in misery are still trying to reach for your hand.

  • Process Post #12 Writing After Dusk Community Guidelines

    Process Post #12 Writing After Dusk Community Guidelines

    This week’s reading about comment moderation was interesting and made me think of how I wanted to regulate my website. As Konnikova (2013) claims” anonymity has also been shown to encourage participation; by promoting a greater sense of community identity, users don’t have to worry about standing out individually”. Therefore, I want to enable commenters to…

  • Mini Assignment #5 My Online Self

  • The Ghost of You Haunts This Empty House

    The Ghost of You Haunts This Empty House

    This house is slowly collapsing on itself ever since you’ve been gone; life has been a whirlwind of lost time. The departure of you has created a void within me. I have realized that I’m more fragile than I once thought I was after you left me impairable by your destruction. I could never understand…

  • Process Post #11: Publics and Counter-publics

    Process Post #11: Publics and Counter-publics

    “networked publics are both the “space constructed through networked technologies” and the imagined collective that emerges as a result of the intersection of people, technology, and practice … [T]hey allow people to gather for social, cultural and civic purposes, and they help people connect with a world beyond their close friends and family” (Renninger, 2015).…

  • Peer Review #3 Thebaristababe

    First Impressions Diving into Kristie’s site Thebaristababe, you have a very strong impression of what her blog is about, from the visuals of her holding cups of coffee to her heading “Everything Coffee”. Kristie has a very clear menu interface with all her assignments organized from this class, and her content pieces are easy to navigate.…

  • Process Post #10 Analytics, SEO, and Audience Growth

    Process Post #10 Analytics, SEO, and Audience Growth

    According to Data. ai’s, State of Mobile 2022 report people, on average, spend 4 hours 48 minutes on their mobile devices, which equates to 1/3 of our day. This is important to remember because as someone who is cultivating and growing a brand/website, it is important to think about how my website designs translate on mobile devices.…

  • The Importance of Having a Routine

    The Importance of Having a Routine

    Being a writer or anyone pursuing a creative field is difficult because you have no one to push you to do the craft except for yourself. As a result, it is easy to get burnt out or fall behind on creative work. Therefore, creating consistency through implementing a routine that will help you produce good…

  • Sacred Love

    Sacred Love

    An encompassing cloak of loneliness  Falls over me A self inflicted suffering My mind is stuck reminiscing Hallucinations of us Time eludes me I hold you dearly in my mind  To keep this sacred love alive 

  • The Art of Cultivating Taste

    All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste.

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